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If you see wet spots on your ceiling after rain you probably need the services of an experienced roofer?

Well, you have come to the right place!

Texas Rose Roof Pro's Inc is a roofing contractor based in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to deliver top grade roofing & siding services, for you and your home! Established in 1990, we have accumulated a lot of experience that has ascended us to the status of a truly reputable company, worthy of our customers trust. We are licensed, bonded and insured – quality is not an issue! Don’t miss out on our vinyl siding services as well!

lg_roof_161As a professional roofer, Texas Rose Roof Pro's Inc advises you, that if you have doubts about the durability of your roof, you should NOT try to fix it yourself! Without the special training or equipment, you might end up damaging your own property or even suffer an injury! In the end, the cost would be greater than just hiring a professional Dallas, TX roofing contractor. Maintaining the roof of a house is never easy, and one of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when performing such a high-risk task, is SAFETY.

Everyone of our technicians is trained in the proper use of their work instruments and safety gear, they also know that protecting the well being of our workers and the people in the workplace area, is our number one priority. This is why all of our company personnel, follow a strict list of safety protocols! Our esteemed roof company is always vigilant about the small things – our attention to detail, is what separates us from other roofing companies. We always stay on track, in order to deliver the impeccable roofing service you deserve!

Texas Rose Roof Pro's Inc
Address: 10731 Palace Way Dallas, TX 75218
Phone: (972) 400-5034

lg_roof_159Apart from delivering the services of a roof repair contractor, Texas Rose Roof Pro's Inc is also a vinyl siding contractor that can install, replace and/or maintain house siding! Dallas, TX is where our roof company provides full project management, and maintenance of your roof structure. Each roofer in our professional team possesses not only experience, but specific knowledge as well – roof installation has its own unique properties that must be followed in order to produce a durable and long lasting result.

From our very first job, we have been perfecting our work methods – every roofing repair service or installation task now comes naturally to our highly trained specialists! Our competitors, have a tendency to overlook important details and this is what makes them inefficient in the craft. For example, a roofing task must be performed with extreme care, right down to the last bolt! There is a professional way to fix them, to secure the durable structural integrity of the roof. Our specialists possess all the professional knowledge needed to exceed your expectations!

We work with incredibly competitive prices – affordability will not be an issue! If you are interested in the full range of our roofing services you can always call the number listed below, and we will be happy to provide you with any assistance!

(972) 400-5034

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