5 Reasons Why Vinyl Siding Remains America’s Top Choice

Why Install Vinyl Siding at Your Home?

Every year thousands of US homeowners are re-siding their homes because they need better insulation or the appeal of their property is no longer as aesthetically pleasing as it was years ago when they first moved in. The majority have chosen vinyl siding for their home upgrade projects and for a reason. Today, we will help you understand why this material outsells other siding materials offered on the market.

  • Family HomeVinyl siding recouped nearly 80% of the resale value of a residential property. This is why, it is the primary cladding material on nearly ? of all new homes built last year. This material is backed up by industry-leading lifetime warranties, which automatically get transferred to the next owner in case you sell your home.
  • Installing this material will definitely help you boost the curb appeal of your property. There are more than 400 in which vinyl can be found. All of them were approved and certified with the VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute) Certification Program for color retention. Besides the colors, textures, and profiles there is a wide selection of shapes that you can choose from.
  • Vinyl does not require much maintenance. It does not require painting or caulking. Just a simple clean with your garden hose once a month will keep it in a good looking condition. Vinyl, as we have already mentioned, is certified for quality and color retention, so you will not have to think about repairs for many years after you have installed it.
  • It is virtually indestructible. Vinyl is weather, fade, and insect resistant. It has been proven that it can survive wind speeds of more than 200 mph. In other words you will not have to deal with annual repainting and termite extermination if you cover your cottage in the forest with vinyl.
  • Vinyl is a sustainable solution that will help you save energy and stay green. Over its life cycle vinyl siding is more environmentally-friendly than almost every other exterior cladding on the market today.

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