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Important Decisions Regarding Your Roof Project

A Roofing Contractor Explains What They Are

Making the right decisions is crucial, if you want to minimize the short- and long-term costs involved in home improvement projects. This is particularly true for large and complex jobs like re-roofing. In this case, you should make some of the most important decisions before you contact a roof company.

Before you call your roofing contractor, you should know whether you want a simple patching job of damaged areas and leaks, or a complete or partial re-roofing job. If you choose to re-roof, you will have to decide whether to replace your existing roof with a new one, or roof over the old roof.

Roofing ContractorReplacing shingles is inexpensive and relatively easy. All that your roofing contractor has to do is remove the damaged shingles and slip the new ones in place. The disadvantage of patching is that your patch may not match the existing roof, unless you have a relatively new roof, and have saved some spare shingles. However, the repair is still worth it, as it will prolong the life of your roof by 10 to 15 years. This type of repair is only undesirable if you plan to sell your house in the next few years. A roof with a prominent patch is unsightly, and will not inspire the confidence of a potential buyer.

Partial re-roofing can be performed when the damage is serious, but affects only one side of the roof. However, any roofer can tell you that partial re-roofing jobs are more expensive on a cost per square basis. There are also other, technical problems with such jobs. Complete re-roofing is less-expensive in the long term. Even if only part of your roof needs fixing, it may be better to ask your roof company to replace your entire roof, instead of opting for a partial re-roofing job.

Once you have decided to replace your roof, you will have to decide whether to tear the old roof off or lay your new roof on the existing one. Roofing over an existing roof will save you a little money in the short run. However, such a job will bring risks of greater expenses in the long run. If you already have 2 or more applications of roof covering, the International Residential Code says that you are not allowed to roof over the existing roof, for safety reasons.

Once you have made your decisions, you should start looking for a good professional roofer to execute your project. In Dallas, TX and all surrounding areas, a company you should consider is Texas Rose Roof Pro's Inc.

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