Has Your Roof Developed an Alarm Dip in the Middle?

Tips from a Professional Roofing Service on Repairing Sagging Roofs

The first thing to do when fixing a sagging roof is to find out what is causing it in the first place. In many cases, the sagging is due to a broken rafter or roof decking; however, in some severe cases, a damaged or sinking foundation is the cause of the problem. You will have to go to your attic and inspect the roof carefully in order to discover the cause. Once you have found out what the problem is, you have to think about repairing this damage.

It is recommended that all repairs should be done from the top of the roof, which could mean you or your roofing service specialist will have to rip up shingles and other roof coverings, and the roof decking in some instances. This might not be possible if it is winter when it is snowing, which means repairs have to be done from underneath the roof— from the attic. This is very difficult and somewhat dangerous, and if possible, this should be avoided. Tearing up shingles and decking is more expensive, but in the long run, it is much safer and more efficient.

The repairs that need to be done can vary, depending on the type of damage the roof has. A broken rafter can be extremely hard to fix, especially from beneath, returning the broken rafters to their original position can be accomplished with an L-bracket; however, jacks could be required to lift the pieces until they are butted up. The rafter can be replaced; nonetheless, this is a more significant repair which involves the removal of significant portions of the decking and roof shingles.

If the roof is sagging because of rot or warped decking, the repair will be simpler. You or your roofing service expert has to remove the shingles and decking, but this will mean that there will be a hole in the roof temporarily. This could be a problem in the winter, but allowing the roof to carry on sagging will create bigger problems like a cave in. The decking has to be removed since the shingles have to be removed and replaced as well.

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