Has Your Roof Sprung a Leak?

When Will a Roof Repair Service Use Roofing Mastic?

Roofing mastic is a product which is used to seal a roof, so water will not be able to penetrate it. Various products are referred to as roofing mastic, which is a sticky substance ,and when dry, it forms a flexible, rubbery finish. Most hardware stores sell these products so they can be ordered by special consignment. When homeowners are arranging the replacement or the repair of their roofs by a professional roof repair service, they should enquire about the products that will be used.

roof repairsOne type of roofing mastic is a sealer or cement which can be used on any area of a roof where water leakage may happen, like along the edges of flashing, on seams and corners, or over nails and screws. It come in buckets which will allow people to apply it using a palette knife, or it could come in a tube which can be placed into a caulking gun. When homeowners inspect their roofs periodically, it is crucial to inspect areas where mastic has been used on, this is just to confirm that it is still water tight, and it is not pulling away, flaking or cracking.

Another kind of mastic can be used on the whole roof, normally with several coats. It is used to extend the lifespan of a roof by providing a waterproof seal. Mastic can be applied using the likes of sprayers, rollers and other tools. It basically forms a membrane over the pre-existing roof so it will prevent water from penetrating, and it will protect the structure underneath. If a roof is badly damaged, unfortunately, mastic will not fix it; however, an ageing roof can be coaxed into working for several years with the help of a coat of mastic.

Before rushing out and buying any of the products listed above, it is advisable to first call in a professional roof repair service, this will ensure that you are using the right products for the issues in hand.

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