What Is the Best Material to Use for Roofs and Sidings?

What Are the Advantages for Using Siding Services for Installing Cedar Shake?

A cedar shake roof and siding has a distinctive look which many homeowners find appealing, and cedar shake comes with numerous other benefits apart from aesthetics. When considering any roofing materials, cedar shakes is something to think about. Although a roof made from this material can be more expensive to install than other materials, the initial cost does come with various advantages, such as a longer lifespan.

roofingCedar shakes are carefully cut and split into pieces of cedar, this is a softwood that grows in several parts of the world. In some regions, it is a traditional roofing material because of the abundance of these trees, and several roofs that have wooden shingles are made out of cedar. A shake roof offers a more rustic appearance and can mesh well with various architectural styles. It is also environmentally friendly. If the cedar is harvested and processed using a sustainable method, this is in stark contrast with other materials which are created from non-renewable resources such as petroleum.

One advantage to having such roof is its durability. Cedar is resistant to the likes of insects and UV damage, and also can stand up to severe storms and hail, which is why most roofing & siding service professionals recommend it. The shakes will stay flat and only suffer the minimal shrinkage and splitting, and if the roof is correctly installed, minimal loss will be seen after heavy weather. Some manufacturers treat their cedar shakes with chemicals which are fire resistant, this makes them even safer than standard shakes.

Cedar is also a good insulation material. Having a roof made from cedar shake will help keep a building warm in the winter months and cooler during the summer months. This roofing material comes with a lifespan of up to 40 years, unlike some other materials that come with a shorter lifespan.

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